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Dog & Pet Boarding in Lubbock & Levelland TX | Dream Land Kennel


Let your family member be our guest

Dreamland Kennel offers your pets wide open spaces, clean country air and plenty of room to romp and have fun.  Your furry family member will receive personal attention and daily exercise in our clean environment.  


We are open from 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 12 noon on Saturday and 4:00pm to 6:00pm on Sunday.


Dreamland Kennel is part of our home, so if you need a special pick-up or delivery appointment during the evening or even on a Sunday, we will try our best to accommodate your needs We designed and built our facility for our top showdogs........ treat your pet like a champion and make your reservations early

Our priority is your pet's comfort

Our large kennels and runs are 80 square feet and give your dog indoor and outdoor access.  Our indoor area provides heat and air conditioning as indicated by the weather.  You pet will be exercised daily at no extra fee.  


Your dog can run, play, bark and act as silly as they want in our country setting without any worry about city zoning restrictions.


We also have pick-up and delivery from your home available, as well as Grooming for our pampered guests.

Boarding includes:

 • Personal attention

 • Medications administered as


 • Bedding / toys welcome

 • Designed for pet safety

 • Clean environment

 • Vet on call

 • Separate cat area

 • Special long term rates


We use and recommend Purina ProPlan

Contact us to make a reservation


Dog boarding

Cat Boarding

We also welcome cats to our Dreamland Kennel facility.  Our cat room is quiet and completely separated from the dog areas in our facility.


Each cat has their own individual Cat condo to give them their own space and allow them privacy.  Each condo has an individual litterbox.  We provide each of our feline guests with quality food and fresh water.


If your cat prefers to socialize and enjoys companionship, our facility has an alternative option for feline boarding that focuses on an open area that allows a social feline to roam freely in our kitty room.  They are provided with several styles of litter boxes, free access to quality food and fresh water.  They have a variety of objects to climb, window perches to sit on and high places to just law back and relax.


Each cat in our care should be current on their vaccinations including Rabies, FVRCP and Feline Leukemia.  They should also have current flea and tick protection before their stay with us.


At Dreamland Kennels, we treat each feline like royalty!

Your dog will have the ability to exercise in our wide open yards to stretch their legs plus personal attention, affections and belly rubs.  


The outdoor area of each run is completely covered to protect our guests from the weather.  Each indoor run has a comfortable bed to keep your dog up off the floor.  We encourage you to bring your dog's favorite toys and bedding to make their stay as comfortable as possible.  


Our kennels are designed with our guests' safety in mind.  Our kennels have solid paneled walls to prevent arguments and limit their exposure to other dogs.  Our entire kennel is fully fenced for the security of our guests.


We feed each guest high quality dog food once or twice daily as requested.  We monitor each dog's food intake carefully.  We will also administer any medication your dog requires as requested.


Each dog has 24 hour access to fresh, clean water and we sterilize food bowls after each use.  


All dogs in our care must be current on vaccinations including Rabies, DHPPC and Bordetella.  All pets must be treated with flea and tick prevention before their stay with us.


We offer bath and nail trims, as well as grooming.

Boarding Rates - Per night (effective 5/1/18)

Dogs over 100 pounds


Dogs 25 - 100 pounds

Dogs under 25 pounds

Cats are welcome too!

Pick-up or delivery to and from home

Kennel pick-up or drop-off outside regular hours

Long term boarding needs (over 3 weeks)  Please call for rates.

Exit Bath and Nail trim


We offer grooming services to our guests, Please ask for a quote and have them looking great while they are staying with us.






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Book your Holiday reservations for Thanksgiving and the upcoming  holidays  soon!

Dreamland Kennel downloadable boarding agreement

$15.00 to $25.00 depending on size, coat length and condition